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Having internet issues this morning. Went down for the 2nd time already. C'mon #Spectrum get your act together!
Anyway, back on-air.
15-minutes, going LIVE on Jetstream Radio with classic hits and more. Tune in, request your favorite!

Brrr! The heat is on! It's cold here! And I'm getting ready to go on-air on Jetstream Radio Hits & Classics at 7am Eastern. Tune in. Request your favorite(s). Check the website...

My Christmas Eve show begins in 30-minutes! LIVE on Jetstream Radio Hits & Classics. I'll throw in some parody tunes (comedy bits) for free lol. Tune in! Send a shoutout/message on the website:
LIVE in 5-minutes on JSR Hits and Classics. Tune in! Requests and shoutouts always welcome.

Going LIVE on JSR Classics and Mixcloud this morning. Join me!?! Tune in for some classic hits and request your favorites (sorry, favourites lol)


Requests, shoutouts and messages to the DJ, use the website@ https://jetstreamradio.com or on the smartCARS app (Global Chat!)*

*check with your VA. If they are not using smartCARS, encourage them to make the switch!

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“Now Playing” for VirtualDJ

During my shows, I use VirtualDJ Pro and Jingle Palette. One of the (major) things lacking in VirtualDJ is the export of artist and song title of the song playing, aka “Now Playing”. Many 3rd party audio streaming packages can read a “Now Playing” file and send the contents to the server, thus, enabling you to see what artist and song is being played. It is also a legal requirement and the song info is used for license royalties, tracking what is played and whether it is within the legal guidelines (DCMA has rules).

VirtualDJ can stream audio to a server within itself – to ONE server. But, I use a soft-mixer (VoiceMeeter Potato), Jingle Palette (for sound effects/ID’s, etc) and I stream to multiple servers at once.

Mixxx, which is a very popular FREE mixing software can stream to multiple servers. I tried this package during a show a couple of weeks ago after spending a few hours setting it up, testing and importing 33,000+ song tracks into it. I found it limiting with my Pioneer DJ controller compared to VirtualDJ. After the show, I ditched Mixxx. Sorry Mixxx fans.

VirtualDJ does have a utility called Play2Text which I used for about a year. It reads VirtualDJ’s track info and saves it to a file of your choosing. But, for me at least, it proved to be buggy – sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

With my growing knowledge of Excel and VBA, I decided to write some code and an Excel form that would do the trick. After a bit of testing, I submitted it to VirtualDJ and it was eventually approved as a app. But I needed something else, something stand alone. I grabbed Microsoft’s Visual Studio package and went to work. After some trial and error, countless Google searches, and tests, this morning I used my first-made Windows application – “Virtual DJ Now Playing v1”. It worked flawless! I decided to send it to VirtualDJ and am awaiting their approval. It may look archaic, but it does what is needed.

Main screen of my Virtual DJ Now Playing application

After this, I realized I’m on a roll! I started creating a soundboard After adding a couple of sound bytes and having successful results, I decided Jingle Palette does the trick, for now. lol If you haven’t looked at Jingle Palette, it is quite a useful program.