Hey I'm LIVE on JSR and JetStreamRadio Classics at 7AM (Eastern). Tune in - requests & shoutouts always welcome. Visit the website for details & more.

Who's on in 5-minutes? I am! Tune in to JSR and JetStream Radio Classic for some cool tunes/rock/whatever & more. You might be entertained lol Requests & shoutouts welcome.
JetStream Radio is looking for show hosts to be the voice of JetStream Radio. Fill out a short application today! Then, who knows? Maybe your friends will hear you on JetStream Radio! Apply today.

https://t.co/urVlwXsVKp https://t.co/LBOagj82yA
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Getting ready to go on-air this morning on JSR and JetStream Radio Classic. You up? Tune in - 7AM to 9AM (Eastern)! Requests/shouts via the site or smartCARS

Who's up? Tune in to JetStream Radio at 7 AM (E/T) - that's about 15-minutes. I'm on for 2-hours this morning with rock, variety & more + your requests :) https://t.co/3GMbwD5vxQ
'twas the morning before All Hallows' Eve when what did I hear? I long list of tunes for the season this year. That's right, I may be playing some "festive" tunes Saturday morning on JetStream Radio! Tune in - request your fave!


#halloween #music

Requests, shoutouts and messages to the DJ, use the website@ https://jetstreamradio.com or on the smartCARS app (Global Chat!)*

*check with your VA.  If they are not using smartCARS, encourage them to make the switch!

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